Madklubben Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Madklubben Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Often I think back to my time in Copenhagen, and reminisce to myself: that was such a cool city. Everything is clean, semi-industrial, laidback. My final meal of this very hip city was at Madklubben in the equally hip Vesterbro area. It’s an attractive, hygge venue to spend an evening in. Also, its a more value-for-money option with three courses setting you back around about DKK 255.

I’m a a hygge fan

Madklubben Vesterbro is part of the restaurant chain of the same name. It’s a huge space with room for up to three hundred guests, yet maintains that cosy dining experience and the whole Danish hygge thing. The lighting is pretty nice. For two years they’ve been named the most visited restaurant in Denmark. A range of worldly influences inspire the menu at Madklubben, extending to their cocktails on offer as well.

Service is mostly prompt, but as a solo diner on the bar I did feel like I was forgotten about a number of times. They were friendly. I started off with two liquids: one a cocktail, and two, my pumpkin soup. The soup is flavoured with coconut, caramelised chickpeas and spiced pumpkin seeds. Hearty and flavourful with some awesome bread with a lovely salt crust.

A cheeky bite

I found myself a little lost when it came to the mains, but I settled on the braised pork cheeks. Celery root, yellow beets and waldorf crudite are served with the pork. But. I’ve realised I’m not such a fan of pork cheeks. This was my first experience with the cut and the texture didn’t agree with me. The flavours on the plate were nice, and I appreciate their rustic pot and pour presentation.

Happy Endings

My favourite part of Madklubben was in the desserts. An additional 50DKK gets you all three desserts on offer. Yes please! On my night this consisted of autumn brownie, a sundae and a Danish-traditional dessert with apple compote, rye bread and whipped cream.

I liked them all, the sundae was my favourite but the Bondepige med slør was new and exciting as well. So even though I didn’t enjoy one main here at Madklubben the experience was fun and I would be inlined to give it another go with some of the other food options.