Kalaset, Copenhagen

Kalaset, Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, when it rains, it pours, and like no other. I took shelter from the emerging waterfalls at a cool little cafe called Kalaset. Kalaset offers a leisurely brunch or meal for locals, tourists, business folk and bohemians and I pretty much saw one of each on my escapade there. The word Kalaset is Swedish for party, and there’s a party happening on my tastebuds for sure.

kalaset copenhagen

It’s a great spot in the cafe with lots of nooks for a little bit more of a private dining experience between groups. Finding a table could get quite hard as it got packed after the outdoor tables were taken out of commission from the weather. Being a solo diner means I can perch on the bar all freely and happily most of the time.

Rainbow eating


The menu at Kalaset is wonderful. There’s lots of options and even with my final choice of plate there’s so much variety. The Mormor (135 DKK) includes scrambled eggs, bacon, chili sausages, fish cake, remoulade, roasted potatoes, tomato, onion and cress. As well as cheese, greens, fruit, smoothie bread and butter. There’s even homemade jams and homemade Nutella. Whoa there.


As far as breakfast variety platters go, this is a winner! It’s the best execution I’ve seen of spoiling a diner with so many flavours, textures and colours. I requested the fishcakes to be removed (don’t eat seafood) and was still stuffed even with half the meal. I liked the crispy bacon, spiced sausages, the creamy egg, the nutty Nutella. It’s all so good. Due to the nature of what it is, there is only small amounts of everything. Like three types of bread, but a tensy square of each.

A final word

I wasn’t so enamoured with the drink options at Kalaset: the mint hot chocolate is too sweet, the smoothie was a bit tart and a bit too token. There is also a bit of a wait with the breakfast plate (all that assembly takes time) but I wasn’t so bothered with it once I saw the size. A good breakfast or brunch option when you’re in Copenhagen.