Restaurant Hyggestund, Copenhagen

Restaurant Hyggestund, Copenhagen

All you need to say is “chicken waffle” and I’m on your table ready to devour. That’s what happened at Restaurant Hyggestund, which happened to be my first meal in Copenhagen. It had a nice level of crowd as well as the mentioned chicken and waffle. Other American-type cuisine is also available, cool to see biscuits and gravy as an option. The setup at Hyggestund means you order at the counter before the food arrives to you. The waffle comes to 130 DKK, the donut 25 DKK, and the juice 40 DKK.

Copenhagen prices did seem a little out of whack, the drinks are always expensive. The twist on the waffles here is a cheddar cheese sauce. This didn’t quite do it for me, it wasn’t straight cheese and means a heavy dish feel even heavier. It’s a thick sauce so almost solidifies in a way. The rest of the dish is great. The chicken (about three small pieces) is enough with the maple syrup offering her good sugary self. The waffle itself is crisp and ranks alright. I had two Danish girls declare their orders of the same dish looked nothing like mine so perhaps there’s a consistency issue. I dunno.

Hyggestund Donut

The donuts at Hyggestund are something grand. There was only one left when I ordered so you can bet I stamped my name on that one too. I’m not missing out and neither should you. The flavour was coffee and chocolate although it’s pretty mild, only in the frosting. The goodness of this donut comes in the pastry. It super crisp from being deep fried and the fluffy interior makes it one of the best donuts I’ve ever bitten into.

Part of me does note the level of grease in the dough but the taste is still superb. Lucky I don’t live here as I’d be eating into these all the time and you could tell from looking at me. So lots of calories at Hyggestund, and a generally happy good time.


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