Meat & Greet, Nové Město, Prague

Meat & Greet, Nové Město, Prague

Hello! You can find some rather extraordinary burgers at Meat & Greet. This is one of the many occasions I’m thankful for Zomato for pointing me at something the locals love. Thankfully, the wonderful people are active on the platform so there’s plenty of good signals. And they know well. I was treated to a mega fantastic burger that finished off my second evening in the city.


The people of Google agree too. 466 reviews (at time key tapping) with an average score of 4.7. That’s extremely good by any city’s standards. It is a busy venue at Meat & Greet and I didn’t actually make it in on my first attempt. Try book in advance (you’ll know you want it) otherwise head in early or late for a better chance.

meat and greet duck

Stick to the burgers

Burgers are where it’s at. In fact, the before and after courses of the burgers almost felt like they came from an entirely different kitchen. Take the starter for exaple. It’s rolled duck that’s all in a dainty arrangement as if it is some type of plate sudoku. It wasn’t bad, just odd. There was a message that was trying to be made here, but it wasn’t a very good form of communication.

meat and greet burger

But I very much rate and recommend Meat & Greet for one reason. That juicy, delicious burger. This more than makes up for the weird starter so just play it tactical and it’ll pay off. There’s nine core burger options at least count. Mine was the Stracchino: 160g of beef with caramelised onion, gorgonzola dolice, port wine mayonnaise, bacon and baby spinach. Is anyone drooling yet? This is a quality burger. Chunky patty with a capital C, and an interesting and successful mix of fillings.

meat and greet dessert

Not so sold on the sweet

I had less of an appetite and more of a desire to check out what else Meat & Greet could do. I want my night in Prague to end with a bang right? So I was lured into one of their desserts, a brownie-raspberry type combo. It end ups tasting like slice ganache, just too heavy handed and not right after such a meaty burger. Maybe something lighter for dessert would be better, maybe you can skip it. But whatever you do, don’t skip Meat & Greet. Such a top burger that inspires some late night eating fantasies.

9/10 (burger)

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