Mamy, Staré Město, Prague

Mamy, Staré Město, Prague

I grew up in a very Chinese household and it’s in my blood to need Asian food to some frequency in order to survive. So after two days in Prague and European cuisines, I decided for my final meal to be a Korean one. Mamy is easy on the wallet – my main of Chicken Kanpung was 189kc. Ready, set, go.

Mamy Korean Restaurant

Mamy has a casual vibe, well, it cannot get any more casual than this. The restaurant is well spacious and a few of the tour groups (at least) take their guests here for mealtime. It’s best to book for a big group I’d imagine. But the labyrinth of downstairs suggests there may have been plenty more seating. I found the staff nice enough and happy to work through the mild language barrier. It helps that the menu pictures are very pointable as with most Asian restaurants in non-Asian countries.

Mamy Tofu Review

The menu is a bit greasy but very large and it seems to encompass a wealth of Japanese options as well. There is always that Korean/ Japanese mix. But it is more Korean. With a few places they’re fab at welcoming you with a few bonus side dishes upon ordering, and that follows suit here at Mamy. I could have done without the extra orders of fried tofu (60kc) and sushi, I had so very much of everything.

mamy chicken kanpung

As for the food? Fantastic. There’s some great value eating at Mamy sure to knock off your appetite for the night. I liked the Jap Chae especially of the sides, but they’re all worthwhile eating up. The chicken has a lovely coating, and let’s just face it: it’s another version of sweet and sour kitchen. And that is a very good thing. There’s lots of flavours, a little more on the vinegar/ sour side compared to the normal SS. The portions are generous and coupled with speedy delivery, it’s very useful.

Mamy Korean Restaurant Review


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