IF Café, Vinohrady, Prague

IF Café, Vinohrady, Prague

If the food fits, get it all in. There’s a super cosy coffeehouse and patisserie near where I was staying, so of course I had to check it out. IF Cafe has two stores, both in Praha 2. It was started by a lady called Iveta, who seems to be quite accomplished with a set of cookbooks as well. The name comes from her initials in fact. The food at IF Cafe looked very good, very French, the staff were perky.

IF Cafe food review

And even looking around the store, there’s a reassuring atmosphere that tells you it’ll be a good time. In reviewing the IF Cafe “breakfast journal” the options all looked so glorious. So naturally, I ended up ordering everything (almost).

IF Cafe Prague Review

Even the menu is so well presented. Charming illustrations -and before you tell me off- that coffee cup stain is printed there. The way the desserts are engineering here at IF Cafe show you they know their business. For a little inspiration, look at their website which has components and patisserie dissected like some science textbook.

IF Cafe Breakfast review

IF Cafe Dough and Custard

The buns with blancmange (egg-yolk vanilla custard) for 99CZN were a warm treat, the custard is served hot. There is a huge portion when it comes to the bun, so it’s better shared for two. Dolloping the buns is great fun for this time of the morning, the semi-sweet bread with the creamy custard is delightful.

IF Cafes Quiche Lorraine

The cakes and quiche were as good. I would say the Quiche Lorraine didn’t have much in the way of ham, but the crust and egg filling was delectable nonetheless. I had two other sweet things: the carrot cake (94kc) and the Veneck (49kc). The latter was my favourite of the table. The Veneck is a nice size filled pastry, with a delicate frosting and sugary inner creme. I wouldn’t recommend ordering as much food as I did, but I’d definitely recommend checking out IF Cafe.


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