Café Imperial, Nové Město, Prague

Café Imperial, Nové Město, Prague

One of the consistently top ranked restaurants in Prague is Cafe Imperial, and it’s easy to understand why after one sitting. The service is top notch, the food is incredibly tasty and fresh, and it’s a place that feels like a class of its own. Whilst I had the unfortunate situation of having a hair in my main, the staff handled it well and I even got a gratis dessert. Still, it’s not ideal, so it loses a few marks for that. Actually, I also (attempted to) order an appetiser, but they may have misunderstood me there. It never came. Cafe Imperial is a fancy, stylish affair and although I was no doubt underdressed, the service  I received was impeccable.

Cafe Imperial Prague

There’s a bit of history behind Cafe Imperial as its actually been around for over 100 years and has seen plenty of esteemed faces in that time. It was once frequented by Franz Kafta, composer Leo Janacek and other eminent Czechs. Who knew I’d be in such good company? The venue itself makes a statement to behold. The art noveau ceiling is its original from 1914, splashes of gold and grandeur and large windows to watch the world go by to.

My main for 285 CKZ was the chicken roulade stuffed with salsiccia on barley risotto. The meat was tender, tasty with gentle pockets of saltiness. The barely was delicate, creamy, the sauce was a lovely accompaniment. It was a very good take on a normal risotto. It was a big serving as well, so the lost entree wasn’t too missed.

imperial cafe cake

The bonus chocolate ganache was sizeable as well. In terms of taste it was quite heavy, maybe a touch too heavy. But a nice little gesture and I haven’t been dissuaded into a return. So still worth checking Cafe Imperial I think! Also consider popping into Angelato or Cacao for some ice-cream after.


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