Cacao, Nové Město, Prague

Cacao, Nové Město, Prague

The busiest place on any hot day (and there’s a lot of hot days here in Prague) is always the ice-cream parlour. Cacao in Nové Město seems to be one of the pre-eminent ones in this city. I learnt a lesson on this day. When a menu items states XL, they are not kidding. I ordered the Peru XL for 135 CZK. This features chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, chocolate cream, biscuits, roasted almonds, oh, and more cream. This was enough dessert for an army or calories for a week.

This glass vessel was gigantic. This is no doubt a group-size feed. Or someone with an even bigger appetite than me (!). At Cacao the ice-cream is home-made and it’s of a very good make. I wouldn’t say it’s the most striking by itself. But here in this sundae with everything else, it works a treat. There’s no way I could manage to eat my way out of this situation. I did what I could and happily moved on.

Cacao Prague Ice Cream

The Peru mix is the perfect option for the chocoholic. There are also a bunch of other desserts, cakes, breakfast items and even savoury stuff so you can get your fill. The staff are all fluent with English so that makes it that touch more easier too.

Cacao Prague Fruit Ice Cream

I’m a sucker for punishment and I came back the very next day with another treat in sight and with some wisdom in mind. This time the order was for the conservative Samoa L which was 99 CZK. Oh yeah, you can also just order the scoops by themselves, there’s no need to gorge like me! That is my advice after my second round.

Cacao Prague

This time it was fruit ice-cream, with more fruit and cream. There was still a lot to get through and the icy, citrus goodness helps to take the body down a few degrees. Most of the fruit was pineapple really. This one felt a little too sweet with the inclusion of the fruit, but again best shared between a few people. Another option for a walking option: Angelato.


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