Nüetnigenough, Brussels

Nüetnigenough, Brussels

The fantastically named Nüetnigenough literally translates to “the one who has never, never ever enough”.  Gluttons, perfectionists and womanisers. I’d definitely put my hand up as two of those things (not the latter, cough). But, in fact – I did have enough on my most dining experience. Nüetnigenough served as our farewell dinner before heading back to London but I didn’t fall in love with the food as much as I did in the name.

Did I not like Brussels? Did I not like the service here? Or did I not like veal? Many questions were asked on this day and many were answered by the time we departed. The style here is drinking house with no reservations taken for tables. A huge beer menu. The food menu itself is Belgian with lots of influences as is Belgian cooking in itself. It’s renounced for taking outside influences and making it their own.

NÜETNIGENOUGH veal meatball

I ordered the veal meatballs, veal not being a protein I order often, and I just couldn’t like the flavour. It’s a case of personal preference as Rob was more than content with his sampling. For me, the veal had a gamey taste, and it wasn’t served piping hot, so I didn’t find myself enjoying the dish at all. The inside being lukewarm threw me off a bit. The sauce is of a beer-base, and the slight sourness of the sauce didn’t help either. The frites are fine, the salad was nice and comprehensive and I finished off most of this.

NÜETNIGENOUGH creme brulee

We did finish up with desserts in the Speculoos ice-cream and the creme brûlée but I only liked the former. The brûlée was a tiny, flat serving and didn’t have the proper sugar crackle. I’d gamble that the ice-cream whilst tasty, was not homemade or at least it didn’t taste as such. That’s not a complete slight, but makes it a touch less impressive.

NÜETNIGENOUGH speculoos ice cream

Coupled with mediocre service, it think there might be better elsewhere. Good beer selection though (not in English).