C’est bon C’est belge, Brussels

C’est bon C’est belge, Brussels

It’s a tough challenge selecting a restaurant when travelling. Either, you go for a place without a language barrier or you find a place that ends up being touristy. Restaurants catering for tourists do have the traditional flavours, but I’d rather just go for the best. I guess we found a sort of middle ground at C’est bon C’est belge (try saying that ten times fast).

This Brussels restaurant had a crowd, and of locals, so those were good signs. The offering is full Belgium dishes so we knew we would at least get a meal befitting of the location.

To immerse ourselves into as many of these experiences as possible we ordered the platter (22,00€) and one of the waffles. However, they neglected to tell us they ran out of waffles until the end, so we only ended up having the first thing. The bread’s yum. And so is the butter. I always like having this kind-of starter to nibble on whilst we wait for the main affair.

The platter ended up being much smaller than we anticipated, the full-size meals by contrast looked mammoth. I feel like this was a mistake already. Perhaps it was meant for one person only, in which case it would be fine for one appetite.

Items on our table included: tomato soup, meatballs in tomato sauce, carbonnade (a Flemish beef stew), Stoemp (mashed potatoes with bits) and Vol au vent (chicken in white sauce). I’m not a tomato fan, so that’s two items out for me right off the bat, but the three I had were all decent. not amazing but alright. I had a much better version of the vol au vent at Oberweis on another trip, and it made this way feel so more inferior.

The flavour’s fine but they were on the side of underwhelming in terms of flavour and presentation. There seems to have been a bit more finesse in the full-sized dishes (which looked really really good) so I’d suggest going that route if you are keen for some Belgian food. And due to the waffle being out of stock we ended our meal right after that.