Miann, Auckland

Miann, Auckland

I arrived at Miann with an unbridled enthusiasm, after having heard tales of its development and success from a few friends. I don’t think I’ve found another city with the same passion for the fine dessert course so I made sure to check it out when I was back in Auckland. This place gets more stuffed than a Pak’nSave on Christmas Eve. Luckily, I came at the right time to get a table, so long as I plonked my bottom on a seat quick enough per the staff’s instruction.

I had two desserts (as it was that kind of a night, it’s always that kind of a night) and they were both excellent. The cabinet Snowman was my favourite of the two, the a la carte Cranachan was overpowered by the raspberry. Still very good. There’s plenty of options and the menu changes seasonally so there’s a bit of luck in the draw with what you order but its cemented another perfect spot for sharing and snapping some sweet joy.


The snowman strawberry and dulcey shortcake ($9.50) is an adorable little fellow. Two spherical shapes frame the eating with chocolate features to enjoy stripping before you get right into him. Inside is a delectable mousse with a berry centre and I enjoyed the creaminess of the texture with the mousse being the right kind of sweetness. Great serving for the price too.

The Cranchan ($16) was one of the a la carte option (looks like four on rotation) which was described as vanilla cheesecake, whisky, oats and raspberry. A Cranachan is a traditional Scottish trifle-like dessert with all of those ingredients, and the one from Miann is as contemporary of an interpretation as they come. It’s a good size as well and is aesthetically pleasing, however the berry sorbet was dominating in volume and flavour. I think it’s a good dessert by all means and still rate it highly, but a little less may have resulted inย a lot more. The berry shards were pretty, but get stuck in your teeth like Roll-Ups used to. Everything under the blanket of sorbet was well executed.


The a la carte has an option for two people for a tasting menu for all four dishes for $55. If I was popular enough, I would have definitely done that. The couple next to me who did, looked mighty impressed and seem to enjoy their eating (naturally most of the time was spent snapping).

The cabinet’s are excitingly attractive with a few seasonal items in the mix as well. I thought the snowman and christmas tree macarons were suitably clever. There’s a lot of fun and charm to the experience at Miann and there’s certainly enough room in Auckland for more places like this! However, there may not be enough room to dine if you don’t get in quick.


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