Dong Ji BBQ Noodle House, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Dong Ji BBQ Noodle House, Mt Wellington, Auckland

“Sam, we’re going to eat donkey. But you’re really going to like it” my parents snigger to themselves. I’ve learnt over my twenty nine years not to question my old folks, so I nod politely and follow along. It’s not like I have a choice. Fortunately for me, and my standards, donkey was not on the menu. That was the extent of my parents clever wordplay this day. We were dining at restaurant Dong Ji.

Completely understated and somewhat hidden away in the depths of Mt Wellington’s super centre, Dong Ji BBQ Noodle House brings extreme value and tasty, Cantonese cooking. It’s based in a carpark. These people aren’t trying. And almost because they don’t need to. Dong Ji Noodle house isĀ another of my parents’ on-trend haunts and they were keen for me to check out the tasty and well priced fare here.

I was more than impressed with the quality of cooking and the speed at which it arrived, it would be an easy choice for those in the area. Really good BBQ pork, really good noodles. Who can complain?

It’s a venue that is more clearly skewed towards the Chinese crowd based on the signage and patronage, which isĀ some proof of it’s authenticity. There’s limited seating but the orders come in and out fast enough that it wasn’t an issue on our trip. The big thing here is the dishes are huge and embarrassingly cheap. Whether it’s designed for sharing or for people with my kind of appetite, it’s good to see. Order one was for the two meats on rice for $8.90 and we selected the barbecue pork and chicken. It compares favourably to say, Melbourne’s China Bar.

The three of us completed our appetitites with a shared noodle dish. In Cantonese we call this “yee mien” but the translated version is braised fried noodles. This was around the $12 mark from memory. More pork, more veges, and lots of happiness. Make that double happiness. Check out Dong Ji next time you’re buying a sofa.


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