Tena koe! My name is Sam (@donutsam) and I started the donutsam blog. I grew up in my parents’ fish and chip shop in Auckland and ever since then, I have had a passion for all things food and all things eating. I’ve worked in a few restaurants and have eaten at a fair chunk of places, so I know a little about good and bad but with plenty more still to discover!

The mission of this blog is to uncover some gastronomic delights from all around the world, to help recount some of my favourite memories, and to mark a digital journal of where I’ve gotten to in my travels. These days I’m back in the stomping ground of Melbourne with lots of food memories.

Outside of food life, I work in advertising and enjoy boardgaming, crafts, film and puzzles. We can be reached at me@donutsam.com


Oh hi, didn’t see you there.

I’m EJ (@eat_jam) and I like all the food and all the things. Seriously though, how great is food?! Not only is it delicious and comes in all different shapes and sizes but it makes us feel things we never thought we could. I’ll never forget my first bite into a hot jam ball donut or my first grasp of a French fry. Like who ever thought of deep frying a potato in a variety of ways is my hero.

Besides food I like to binge on all forms of things life has on offer. This includes but not limited to Netflix, Blockbusters, non-blockbusters (I don’t discriminate), Travel, arts & crafts, the occasional body pump class, complaining about going to a body pump class, a good Kindle download and enthusiastic high-fives.

All in all, I’m just a simple big town lady who is a full time digital trader and a part time lover. Follow my food journey so I can fill you in the way Craig David has done in the past.


Hi folks!

I’m Matt (@foodsformatt) a food lover from the UK now based in Melbourne. I’ve always been a huge fan of food with a love for all types of food (except for coriander & cheese!). I have a strong love of the unhealthy side of life with fried and sugary foods always being top of my list. I’m currently living the dream lifestyle in the food capital that is Melbourne.

This blog documents my struggles of trying to avoid going back to my favourite places and try put all the places Melbourne has to offer. I hope you love my favourites as much as I do.

By day I have the enviable job of being an accountant which allows me to fund my food adventures.

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